Markerly Sharing Widget Documentation


The documentation below outlines all of the different sharing widget settings we offer. By default–when you install Markerly Analytics–sharing is disabled. If you'd like our standard sharing widget you can build one here

We suggest that you add your code to a header or footer since those tend to be included in your other site's pages. It's a way to add Markerly to your entire site quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions about how to set it up, feel free to email us at

Name Description Type Default value
pub_id Your Markerly publisher ID. Used For capturing events to view in your analytics dashboard. This field is optional as it’s by default appended to the end of your script tag (preceeded with a ‘#’); string n/a
services The destinations you wish to allow users to share via highlighting string (CSV) "facebook,twitter,email"
image_sharing Allows any image on the page to be shared via hovering the image. boolean true
image_services The destinations you wish to allow users to share images to string (CSV) "facebook,twitter,email,pinterest,comments"
image_sharing_exclude CSS class used to prevent the image sharing hover event. Useful if you’d like to prevent certain images from being shareable (like a site logo). string "markerly-exclude-image"
service_color The background color of the share service icons string "000000"
highlight_color The color of the highlighted text once a snippet has been shared or copied. This color will also be used once a new user is brought to the site via the shared link.Value should be hexadecimal with no ‘#’ string "F3F093"
text_color The font color of the highlighted text once a snippet has been shared or copied. string "000000"
tip_style The background style for the tip. Available options are “light”, “dark” or “transparent” string "light"
text_sharing Enable sharing on text selection boolean true
container_restrict Optional setting which allows you to restrict sharing to particular elements in your site. Simply add the element[s] that you'd like to restrict sharing to (i.e. 'container_restrict': '#example'). string n/a
image_sharing_position Optional setting which allows you to choose the position of your image sharing buttons. The options are "ne" (top right), "nw" (top left), "se" (bottom right), and "sw" (bottom left). string "ne"
copy_link_sharing Automatically append a shortened URL to any text copied boolean true
copy_link Text string that will be appended to the copied link. NOTE the option ‘copy_link_sharing’ must be enabled for this to work. Templatable variable {{link}} will be replaced with the URL of the page the copy occurred on. string "read more at {{link}}"

Example with all custom options:

	<script type="text/javascript" src="">

	<script type="text/javascript">
	var markerly_settings = {
	    "services": "email,linkedin,facebook,evernote",
	    "image_services": "facebook,twitter,email,pinterest,comments",
	    "copy_link": "{{link}} visit it now!",
	    "highlight_color": "B2F4DD",
	    "service_color": "43A09B",
	    "text_color": "000000",
	    "tip_style": "black",
	    "image_sharing": true,
	    "image_sharing_exclude": "my-logo",
	    "copy_link_sharing": true,
	    "container_restrict": "#example"
	    "image_sharing_position": "ne"